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Intrigue, Illuminate, Motivate.

Expertly Written. Powerful Prose.

People may not want to hear dry facts, but they are eager to hear stories. Stories help people understand. They can inspire. They can motivate them to action.

Stories resonate. Stories show problems people experience and demonstrate how they can be resolved.

Stories entertain.

Stories can be powerful. Stories can be memorable. Stories can be real or tell a tale. Stories can sell.

Envision yourself as a published author.

Tell your story.

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How it works: I’ll capture your tone, your way of speaking. I will interview you and search for the overarching story that will tie your platform together based on your vision and your goals. What will intrigue potential clients? What will sell them on your skills? What will motivate them to act? Then, we flush out the details. I’ll write the story in prose that will captivate your readers — and you — and we’ll do a couple rounds of edits to make sure the manuscript is just right. I can guide you through the process of finding a literary agent, providing suggestions on who may be best for your book, or I can guide you through the self-publishing process and can connect you to publishing professionals who can get your book into bookstores, Target, and Amazon, or wherever your buyers may shop.

About Your Ghostwriter: Author, celebrity interviewer, Huffington Post blogger, and award-winning journalist S.Z. Berg specializes in writing powerful, professional prose that captures and inspires. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post,,, Consumer Reports, Consumers Digest, The Scientist, Marie Claire, and others. Ms. Berg has interviewed former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Ben Stein, Jim Cramer, Jewel, Randy Jackson, Carl Reiner, Jane Seymour, Ludacris, Brett Michaels, and Suze Orman, to name just a few.

Cost: Prices vary by word count, and the story ends when it ends. It should come to a natural, organic, satisfying conclusion, one that lifts, inspires, or motivates the reader. If you want a book to sell your service (think The Go-Giver), I suggest a word count that a person can read in the time it takes to make a typical round-trip flight, which is about 5 hours, or 15,000 to 25,000 words. A typical sales letter in story form runs about 1,500 words. Memoirs can run as long as 100,000 words, but I prefer to write shorter works. The fee includes two rounds of editing and guidance on publishing.

Your voice, your story. Find out how incredibly interesting you are — become a published author!

Let’s talk about your story ~

S.Z. Berg

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"Simply put, we are the stories that we tell. When communicating important new messages, try thinking of it as introducing a new narrative. The simpler, more relevant, and more inspirational, the more likely it is to resonate with its intended audience." -- Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn